Welcome to RottenStar.com. Alhana and I use this site as our central focus point for showing off the sexual fun and experiences we have had with others. Within you will find photo sets and clips of us playing with others as well as the occasional guest amateurs we shoot solo. Most are unknowns and close friends we have worked with, but most of the material seems to be geared towards those who want to see Alhana Rotten or Razor Rotten pounding away and getting interactive with the models that show up on our doorstep. And there are the established amateurs out there who have their own sites that we have shot with as well inside.

Inside we try to shoot and provide our members with an assortment of different content to try and please most. Amateur 18 year olds, BBWs, Matures, and an assortment of different fetishes are constantly being added as we go. In order to see something unique to satisfy your taste, feel free to write and ask. RottenStar.com is not trying to corner one market over the other, its a melting pot of all the experiences and types of content we are use to shooting up to today and hope to expand firther in the future.

This is a great addition to Alhana’s Solo Sites SexyAlhana.com and SmokingAlhana.com. All these site combined we have grouped as the RottenStar Network, you get all the sites that fall under it. Just plug in your “user name” and “password” to gain entrance across the board within the members side. Check out our central blog, RottenStar.net to see previews and articles we contribute for free viewing and feel free to comment. We thank you for all you emails and support and hope to hear from you soon.

Alhana Winter and Razor Rotten

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