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RottenStar.com is just but one part to our whole package for you to enjoy. It is the center piece of all our sites and is transforming into the focal point to which all our other sites emerge from. RottenStar.com is our playground to shoot with and display other models we have shot, either established amateurs or those that are completely new to the Adult Entertainment scene. Any male or female actors Alhana shoots with will be displayed here. Any females I shoot with will be displayed here. And Solo Models, other than Alhana or myself, will be seen inside RottenStar.com.

I think the best way to describe the way we are going to move forth is that RottenStar.com is going to be our melting pot of sexual and erotic material spanning all fetishes and body types. BBW’s, Matures, 18 to 19, Housewifes, and anyone that you might find living next door to you will all reside on this site. We dont feel any one type of model is better than the other and thus we will try to provide our members with a variety of images to try and please all.

And to remind our fans who are thinking of subscribing, RottenStar.com was never meant to stand on its own and has always been meant to be a supplement or part of the whole experience we have created in addition to SexyAlhana.com, SmokingAlhana.com and future projects that will be all access on the members side. If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to write as fan/member interaction is a driving force to why we do what we do.

Razor Rotten and Alhana

I started posing for amateur adult sites in 2001. My first site was on a network, Southern Charms where I made a lot of friends and learned a great deal about the amateur porn business. In 2006, Razor and I, opened my first solo site, SEXYALHANA.COM. I learned alot about what goes into running my own site and learned a bit about marketing my own wares. In 2008, I wanted to dedicate to those fans that prompted me to get started in modelling a site that got me started. SMOKINGALHANA.COM is dedicated to the smoking fetish where I got my start. All my smoking content was moved from SexyAlhana.com to its new home briefly. After we started shooting other models and expanding our name, all my solo and smoking content were moved to our premier site, ROTTENSTAR.COM. And now all my content revolves around this site and the various clip stores and live cam shows I do.

I started taking Alhana’s pictures in 2001 when she started on Southern Charms after some cheers from some forums we visited. In 2003 I jumped on the other side of the camera and get some solo exposure on the same site as a Gent, shooting with other models and also solo for the gay/bi crowd. It gave me a different perspective and I feel it bettered my shooting of others knowing what it feels like to be on both ends of the camera. I had the pleasure of working with many models in both posed sets and hardcore videos. In 2006 I wanted to expand my working knowledge beyond shooting photos/videos and decided to try my hand at running and creating our own sites. I first started with SEXYALHANA.COM and SMOKINGALHANA.COM. And then in 2007 we created ROTTENSTAR.COM. Now we are dedicating RottenStar.com as being a center piece for content we shoot as Indy Porn content creators.

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